About Talmei Yosef, Israel

In October 2017, Ellomay purchased Talmei Yosef PV plant, with an installed capacity of 9,000 kWp.

The PV plant is connected to the Israeli national grid since November 2013. The tariff of 0.9631 NIS/kWh is fixed for a period of 20 years and is updated once a year based on changes to the Israeli CPI of October 2011. The tariff increased from NIS 0.976/kWh in November 2013 to NIS 0.9857/kWh in 2018.

This project is financed by an Israeli consortium led by Israel Discount Bank.

The company engages a leading O&M contractor that guarantees a minimum level of Performance Ratio (PR) and availability for the O&M duration.


Talmei Yosef, Israel