Costantini, Italy Map

About Costantini, Italy

The PV plant has an installed capacity of 734.4 kWp.

The PV plant is connected to the Italian national grid since April 2011 and is eligible for a FiT of 0.3215 Euros/kWh plus market electricity tariff.

The feed-in-tariff is guaranteed for a period of 20 years (commencing from the connection date), and the land is leased for 21 years.

This project is financed by UBI Banca S.p.A

The company engages a leading O&M contractor that guarantees a minimum level of Performance Ratio (PR) and availability for the O&M duration.


Province of Ancona, Municipality of Senigallia, Marche region, Italy

Surface Size

Approximately 22,500 Square meters