About Dorad Energy Ltd.

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Dorad currently operates the Dorad Power Plant, a combined cycle power plant based on natural gas, with a production capacity of approximately 850 MW (approximately 7% of Israel's aggregate production capacity), located south of Ashkelon, Israel. The Dorad Power Plant commenced commercial operations on May 2014 and received twenty-year generation and supply licenses from the Israeli Electricity Authority.

The Dorad Power Plant is based on combined cycle technology using natural gas. The combined cycle configuration is a modern technology to produce electricity, where gas turbines serve as the prime mover. After combustion in the gas turbine to produce electricity, the hot gases from the gas turbine exhaust are directed through an additional heat exchanger to produce steam. The steam powers a steam turbine connected to a generator, which produces additional electric energy. The Dorad Power Plant is comprised of twelve natural gas turbines, each with an installed capacity of 50 MWp and two steam turbines, each with an installed capacity of 100 MWp. These turbines can be turned on and off quickly, with no material losses in energy efficiency, which provides operational flexibility in accordance with the expected needs of customers and the IEC, calculated based on a proprietary forecasting system implemented by Dorad.

The electricity produced by the Dorad Power Plant is sold to end-users throughout Israel and to the Israeli National Electrical Grid.

Through its 50% ownership in U. Dori Energy Infrastructures Ltd., Ellomay holds, indirectly, approximately 9.4% interest in Dorad. The remaining 50% of U. Dori Energy Infrastructures Ltd. is held by the Luzon Group. The other shareholders in Dorad are Eilat Ashkelon Infrastructure Services Ltd., or EAIS, (37.5%), and Edelcom Ltd., or Edelcom, (18.75%), both Israeli private companies, and Zorlu Enerji Elektrik Uretim A.S. (25%), a publicly traded Turkish company.