Rinconada II, Spain

Location: Cordoba, Spain.

In March 2012 Ellomay purchased 85% of the shareholdings in the Rinconada II project company, where the remaining 15% were held by a Spanish company engaged in providing construction, global operating and maintenance services for photovoltaic plants. As of July 2015 Ellomay holds 100% of the shareholdings of the Rinconada II project company.

The park consists of twenty-one plants of 90 KWp each with a total nominal output of 1.89 MWp, and a peak power output of 2.275 MWp.

The park was connected to the Spanish national grid since July 2010, and is entitled to receive the Spanish special economic regime for renewable energies.

The project is expected to produce an annual production of approximately 3.5 GWh, which is translated into annual revenues of about 800,000 Euro for the entire project (including market electricity tariff and incentive payments). The incentive payments were guaranteed for a period of 30 years from connection.

Technical Specifications
Manufacturers - The mono-crystalline panels (PowerPlus 215P) as well as the inverters (IPG 110K) were manufactured by the seller of the plant, Conergy, a German EPC company.